Alexander Profile アレキサンダーのプロフィール

 また、無敵といわれる競争馬「ディープインパクト」のテーマソングを担当、作詞し歌い、好評を博した。2007年始めには、地元キューバハバナでキューバ音楽アルバムをレコーディングし、全曲作詞作曲、ボーカル兼ギタリストをこなした。4月に再来日、5月より日本各地で音楽活動を再開する。 (写真提供: PerBodner)


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Born 1976 in Cuba, Alexander studied under Director Lineres of the Cuba National Opera and became a singer in the National Polyphonic Chorus directed Professor Carmen Collado from the Cuban National Art University. From the age of 21, he performed professionally and his career took him to Germany and later Asia, where his popularity as a performer still continues to grow. Since summer 2004, he established himself as a leading artist of Latin music in Japan. He was invited to perform at Aichi Expo and several other international events around in Japan including one by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Later he expanded his activities not only to his concerts but also collaboration with private companies, embassies, and Japanese temples. His recording of the theme song for the famous Japanese racehorse Deep Impact has become very successful too. In early 2007, he returned to Cuba to record his album with world famous artists like Pancho Amat and Cesar Lopez. He composed all songs and performed as a solo singer and guitarist in the album to be published by the end of this year. (Photo credit to Per Bodner.)

Alexander peform everywhere in the world as a freelance and he does not belong to any music productions. If you are interested in his performance, please send us email with clicking the mail mark below. Thank you!