オーガニックディナーライブ報告 Report on Organic Caribbean Dinner Show

先週末土曜日5月26日に青山プレジデントホテルのオーガニックレストランオルトで開催されたカリビアンオーガニックディナーライブ。多くの方にご来場頂きまして、ありがとうございました。遠方から来てくださった方、ラテンの音楽を初めて聞く方など、ラテン音楽とアレキサンダーのパフォーマンスを初めて体験してくださる方々が来てくださったのも、レストランオルトとのオーガニックディナーショーというコラボレーションが生み出した効果でした。お蔭様で当日の会場の様子と終了後のアンケートを見る限り、初めての方も音楽を大変楽しんでいただけた模様でした。よかったです。 レストランオルトのスタッフの皆様、本当に有難うございました。素晴らしいサービスとお料理でした。

Thank you for all the people who came to the organic dinner live show held on May 26th Saturday and the staff of the restaurant Orto of Aoyama President Hotel. The collaboration of Latin music live show and a full course dinner of Latin organic foods attracted new people to Latin music and Alexander's music very well. As far as seen during the show and answers to the questionnaire distributed after the show, the new comers also enjoyed it much. That was a great outcome for Alexander's and Latin music.
And also, thank you very much for presidents of several companies supporting Alexander for long. It was very appreciated that they came to the show although it was a busy time toward the end of the month.
Due to the good results of the first collaboration between Alexander and the Restaurant Orto, another organic dinner show will be held on June 30. The dinner will be Organic Cuban cuisine and the music is also full of Cuban music played by four musicians. The details will follow soon. For the people who missed in May, hope you can make it to June 30!