晴天と夕日に恵まれて。。。七夕生サルサ, With a beautiful sunset and a sound of wave, happy Tanabata salsa party

 潮風と波の音、夕日、そしてサルサ・ソンの生演奏。。。本当に幸せなひと時を皆様にお過ごしいただけたのではないか、と思います。 ビーチハウスのAlohaLatinoは、今年は昨年より、音響設備も格段に良くなり、フロア-も踊りやすくなっています。音響がいいおかげで、海辺まで音が聞こえ、波打ち際で踊る人たち、外のビーチチェアに浴衣姿で腰掛けながら聞く男女も。サルサを踊らない人たちでも、随分楽しんでいた様子をみて、嬉しく思いました。

With a sound of wave, winds from sea, a beautiful sunset with salsa-son live music.... I believe that everyone there were having a wonderful time indeed. This year in Aloha Latino has a better sound system than last year and the floor has become more suitable to dance. With the sound system, the live music reached to the sea side. Some people were seen to dance at the sea side while some people listened to the music on the beach chair with Yukata, a Japanese summer kimono. These views make us happy as even if they don't dance salsa, they enjoy the moment very much.


Thank you very much for those people coming to the Zushi beach salsa party. We worried about the weather most but in the end it turned to be a beautiful weather and a sunset was seen in the sea.


    日暮れ後のダンスフロア-      ロンドン出身ダニセル先生のダンスレッスン

 今年は、ビーチハウスでプロのRera Pilika さんの指圧を受けることができます。何の音を聴きながら、マッサージ。逗子でもハワイの気分がAlohaLatinoでは味わえること間違い無し!

Aloha Latino looks just a hand-made wooden house between two big capitalistic beach houses, one is a hip-hop concert hall and the other one is Nippon TV's. Yet, Aloha Latino is well accepted among locals and people loving "simple-Soboku." We would like to support Aloha Latinos and cheer it up this year as well!
A special addition this year in Aloha Latino is that you can take a massage in the beach: a professional, Rera Pilika, serves a massage for you to feel as if you were in Hawaii. Check this out when you come to Zushi on July 29!

7月29日日曜日にもう一回ビーチで生サルサあります。今回逃した方は是非お越しくださいね。赤ちゃん、子供大歓迎! ビーチでお会いできるのを楽しみにしています!

We will have another Zushi beach salsa even on July 29 Sunday 2007. For those people who missed Tanabata, please come and join us! Babies and kids are most welcome. Looking forward to seeing you in the beach!