July 14 Sat. Cuban Salsa Live at Cuban Cafe in Tsukiji-Shinbashi



Pedro Valle (Sax,Flute,Chorus) Alexander Laborde(Vocal) Juan Carlos López(Bongo,Chorus) Yuzo Suenaga(Laud,Cuatro) Minoru Kitahara(Bass,Chorus) Miho Nakata(Piano)

Luis Valle(Trompet,Vocal) Julian Villa(Baile)


At the night threatened by a typhoon coming from the south, a Cuban Salsa Live Concert by Cubanos living in Japan collaborated with Japanese Cuban music players was held at Cuban Cafe in Tsukiji-Shinbashi. Regardless of strong rain, many Cuban music fan got together in the event and lightened the dark night with dancing. Thank you so much for coming.

The special concert was organized by Pedro Valles, Alexander's music partner, to present a real Cuban Salsa Music by Cubanos at a Cuban place. His famous brother, Luis Valles, played as a special guest, which brought lots of real Cuban Salsa fan to the concert.

This collaboration will be held once for a while. In this page, we will inform you in advance of the event next time or put it in Alexander's event calendar. For those having missed it this time, please check it out next one!