”大晦日サルサライブ @原宿クロコダイル” 

Date: December31, Wednesday
Time: 18:00~Open
19:30-20:30 Puros Habanos Live Music
21:00~ Chakara, Orquesta Del Sol, Salsa Swingoza & Grupo Chevere
Charge: 5000 yen
Venue: Crocodile Harajuku 03-3499-5205

Musicians: Alexander LP (Guitar & Vocal), Ludwig (Drums), Kitahara (Bass), Mijo Nakata (Keyboard), Ono (Sax), Juan Carlos (Timbales)



Visited Tower Records Shinjuku! タワーレコード新宿店に行ってきました!


Alexander's CD "Conciencia" is on sale on the 9th floor of Tower Records in Shinjuku.

キューバのセクションで、な、な、な、なんと! アレキサンダーのCDがキューバの歌女王、オマーラ・ポルトゥオンドの隣にならべられていました! 

His CD is being sold in the Cuban section. You can't believe that Alexander's CD is sold next to Omara, the most respectful Cuban singer!


In another section, you can listen to Conciencia. It is also placed next to Irakere!!!

おめでとう、アレキサンダー! ありがとう、アオラ・コーポレーション

Congratulations, Alexander!


New Album "Conciencia" 12/14 (Sun) よりOn Sale!

お待たせしました! アレキサンダーのアルバム、”キューバン・コンシエンシア”が12月14日より、店頭発売開始となります。是非是非、お店にお問合せしてくださいね!


お問合せ: アオラコーポレーション .

Here it comes! Alexander's new album, "Conciencia" is going to be on sale at a record shop from December 14! Please check it out when you visit Tower Records, HMV, and



11月23日の芦屋レフトアローンでのライブに、大阪のラテンパーカッショニスト、Tokujiro、が参加することになりました! これで、踊れるソン、サルサをバンバン演奏します! ぜひお楽しみください。


レフトアローン: 0797-25-0378 です。



11/23 Sun @ Ashiya Left Alone

昨年に続きまして、二度目の芦屋ライブを11月23日日曜日に行うことになりました。場所は、同じく関西では有名なジャズライブレストランのレフトアローンです。 日野照正さんなど、スーパージャズプレイヤーが演奏する場所。アレキサンダーがこちらで演奏させていただけることに感謝感謝です。

昨年はアレキサンダーのギターソロの演奏で、超満員御礼となりました。今年は、アレキサンダーに加え、ピアノのビンブンと Salsa Swingoza のボーカリストMannyMendezをゲスト迎え、キューバ音楽をお届けします。関西地区にお住みのご友人に是非お勧めしてくださいね~。

Date: Sunday November 23, 2008
Time: Open 6:30~
Starts 8:00~
Charge: 2500 yen

For reservataion, call 0797-22-0171 or 0797-25-0378


10/11 Sat. @ 大船Honey Bee

アレキサンダー初、大船でのライブです!  横浜、鎌倉、湘南地域の皆様、是非お見逃し無く!!!




10/2 Thurs Cuban Bolero Night in Akasaka!


Date & Time: 10月2日木曜日 1st stage 19:30~, 2nd staeg 21:00~
Place: ライブレストラン ノーヴェンバーイレブンス 
Reservation: 03-3588-8104 or  お店のHP
Charge: 3,675yen






Cuban Bolero Night in Akasaka on June 30! 6/30 キューバのボレロナイト in 赤坂!

Date: Monday, June 30
Time: Open 6:00pm~
1st show 7:30pm~
2nd show 9:00pm~
Entrance fee: 3,675 yen
Venue: November Eleventh 1111 in Akasaka
Reservation: Call November Eleventh 03.3588.8104 or email to



キューバから特別シークレットゲストが参加する事になりました! お楽しみに! 

詳細は下記をご覧下さい。ご予約はノーヴェンバーイレブンス(Tel: 03.3588.8104, まで。

In June, Alexander will present a Cuban bolero music concert in Akasaka.

He will play guitar and sing with a percussionist and pianist. The club is November Eleventh 1111 owned by a famous couple of Japanese musicians, Ryudo Uzaki and Yoko Agi, and it is known for a great sound system and wonderful cuisine. I am sure you can enjoy beautiful Cuban bolero sounds with wine and dinner. There will be a special guest from Cuba!

The details are above and the flyer is attached although it is Japanese. The reservation is required.

If you can make it, please call November Eleventh 03.3588.8104 or email to

Thank you and see you there.


at Ark Hills Lunch Time Concert, アークヒルズランチタイムコンサートにて

Alexander played at the Ark Hills Lunch Time Concert with pianista Binbn and percussion Ludwig. The weather was so nice and the best day to listen the Cuban music outside under the sunshine. This time they only played instrumental due to the restriction of the office building but the next time they hope to play a couple of songs with vocals. Please don't miss it next time!


at Tribeca Shinagawa with Ludwig Nunez

GW の真っ只中、品川駅アトレ4階にあるジャズラウンジ、Tribecaで演奏する機会がありました。音響が素晴らしく、またお店も雰囲気も素敵でかっこよかった。写真は、パーカッション担当のルドゥイック。リハの時の様子。
In the middle of Golden Week, Alexander had a gig in a jazz lounge in Shinagawa, Tribeca, with a respectful Cuban musician, Ludwig Nunez. The restaurant bar had a incredible sound system and a wonderful atmosphere. The picture is Ludwig from their rehearsal.


Alexander with Cesar Lopez!

Alexander had a wonderful opportunity to play with Cesar Lopez, a world famous jazz sax player visiting Tokyo from Cuba, in April.

4月半ば、来日中で、世界的に活躍するキューバのラテンジャズサックス奏者、セサール・ロペスさんと一緒に演奏する機会がありました! ピアノとのトリオです。

Cesar Lopez is showing rythm with piano to a Japanes pianist, Binbn. He is a sax player but it looks like he can play piano professionally as well!


With Mr. Sadao Watanabe! 渡辺貞夫と共演! 


A world famous Japanese jazz player, Mr. Sadao Watanabe, came to see Alexander's performance and join him to play with!!!


Alexander met with Mr. Sadao Watanabe at a Christmas party last year and played privately then. What a nice surprise he keeps Alexander in his mind!!!

その場にいたお客様は、ホントにラッキーでした。すばらしい共演で、大盛り上がり! 渡辺氏の子供のように素直で音楽が好き!という一途な姿勢をアレキサンダーはとても尊敬しています。

Kanayuni's customers at the day were so excited to see their collaboration play. Alexander respects Mr. Watanabe a lot in his attitude toward music.


3/28 Puros Habanos Spring Concert "Sakura de Salsa"!

Please come join Puros Habanos to celebrate Sakura season! For ticket and details, please see at .

3月28日、アレキサンダーがサルサバンド、プーロス・アバーノスバンドとともに、スプリングライブを行います! プーロスアバーノスは座って聞いてもよし、踊っても良しの質の高い音楽を提供します~。

チケットのご予約、詳細は、 まで.


Alexander's Profile 2008

Alexander Laborde Padron is a leading Latin singer and guitarist based in Tokyo, Japan. His musical styles vary from salsa to ballads and beyond, blending unique guitar stylings with a sweet, strong voice that captures the hearts of seasoned Latin-music fans and first-time listeners alike. Born in Cuba, Alexander studied under Director Lineres of the Cuba National Opera and went on to sing in the National Polyphonic Chorus directed by Professor Carmen Collado of the Cuban National Art University. He has been performing professionally from the age of 21, and his prolific career has taken him throughout Europe and Asia where his popularity continues to grow.

Alexander in Japan
Alexander has been active in Japan since the summer of 2004. Since that time he has gained a devoted following both in and outside of Tokyo. In 2005, he was invited to perform at the Aichi Expo with the legendary Pancho Amat, and he continues to collaborate with a wide range of Latin-music stars when they visit Japan. Recently Alexander has expanded his activities beyond live performance into the realm of professional recordings for private companies.
2007 marked several milestones for Alexander. He wrote the theme song for the famous Japanese racehorse Deep Impact which enjoyed enormous success, and he was featured in Gendai Guitar, a noted classical guitar magazine distributed all over Japan. Last year also saw Alexander’s debut at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown, and at multiple summer music festivals. In the Fall he traveled to Ashiya and Kobe where his solo live concerts earned him hundreds of new Latin music fans on the west side of Japan.
2008 promises to be another monumental year as Alexander rides the wave of his recent success. Look for him in Aoyama, Akasaka, Roppongi, and Yokohama where he performs regularly in the Kanto region’s most happening live houses and bars.

Noted past performances:
Hotel Okura Tokyo, Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, Westin Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo Prince Hotel

Commercial work for private companies and organizations include:
Nippon Kodo, Japan Cigar Club, Soft Bank, Tazaki Jewelry, 31 Country Club, Hiroo Rotary Club, and others.

Alexander is available for private parties, solo and collaborative concerts, and commercial recordings. Rates vary according to each project. Please contact us for details.


At Kanayuni restaurant in Moto Akasaka




表参道のギャラリーにて。。 At a gallery in Omote-sando

表参道の裏道にある素敵なギャラリー コンセプト21で、アレキサンダーが演奏する機会をいただきました。みぞれ交じりの寒い冬の日に、暖かい春を感じさせる数々の絵に囲まれて、本当に素敵な時間を過ごさせていただきました。足を運んでくださった皆様、ありがとうございました。



Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます

Happy New Year! Wish you all the best in 2008. See you in one of Alexander's performances this year.