With Mr. Sadao Watanabe! 渡辺貞夫と共演! 


A world famous Japanese jazz player, Mr. Sadao Watanabe, came to see Alexander's performance and join him to play with!!!


Alexander met with Mr. Sadao Watanabe at a Christmas party last year and played privately then. What a nice surprise he keeps Alexander in his mind!!!

その場にいたお客様は、ホントにラッキーでした。すばらしい共演で、大盛り上がり! 渡辺氏の子供のように素直で音楽が好き!という一途な姿勢をアレキサンダーはとても尊敬しています。

Kanayuni's customers at the day were so excited to see their collaboration play. Alexander respects Mr. Watanabe a lot in his attitude toward music.