Live at Fukuoka Day1! Lots of smile and fun with Puros Habanos

Photo credit for Shiihara in Fukuoka

Yesterday Feb 26th Alexander LP with Puros Habanos plays in Fukuoka for a dance event. - yes, Fukuoka, one of the big cities in Japan, has suddenly became famous globally because last year Luis Juan Guerra made a Fukuoka bachata song which won the Latin Grammy Award. You know it.

Thanks a lot for Tiempo, the organizer, and those who came last night. Great energy, fun, and happiness in Fukuoka. The event was packed. Alexander and the band members loved it.

Today is the second day of the event and Alexander is going to play Duo with a Cuban percussionist Ludwig. Don't miss it if you are in Fukuoka!

ライブ出演したAlexander LP con Puros Habanos。

博多のLatin Loversは熱い! 新しいTiempoの会場満員で、ダンスを楽しんでくださったようです。
Tiempo, 博多の皆様、ありがとうございます。