semi private Cuban Night @ T.Y.Harbor Brewery on June 1

Summer has almost come! For summer, where to go. Do you know T.Y.Harbor Brewery? I love it there in summer. Being there just make me feel great but this time you will feel even better with Alexander's live!

This will be TYH's first own private party with live music. Alexander is offered such a great opportunity to play there! Please don't miss it!

Date&Time: 7:30pm to 11pm on Wednesday June 1
Venue: waterline of THY
Venue: http://www.tyharborbrewing.co.jp/restaurants/wl_e.html
Please be noted that the event is not listed as it's semi-private.

Entrance fee including Latin mix buffet dinner: 4000 yen
All drinks only 500 yen

Live music starts at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm
Cuban musicians: Alexander Laborde Padron (guitar & vocal), Ludwig Nunez Pastriza (percussion), Carlos Cespedes (guitar & vocal)

For reservations, please call T.Y.Express at 03-5479-1686 or email to shizuka.nagase@tyharborbrewing.co.jp

夏が近づいてきました。夏といえば、海辺。海辺のレストランとして、とーっても人気があって、素敵なT.Y.ハーバー ブリューワリーでアレキサンダーが演奏することになりました!

これは、THY始まって以来の、初のライブプライベートイベントです。食べ物も、雰囲気も、自家製ビールもすべて最高な場所でのライブ。最高です! 絶対見逃さないように!

日程: 6月1日水曜日 午後7時半~11時
場所: waterline of T.Y.H

Fee: 4000円 with ラテン料理Mixのブッフェ料理
drinks: ドリンクはなんとAll500円!

T.Y.Express at 03-5479-1686
or email to shizuka.nagase@tyharborbre