When I learned that I had the possibility of creating and playing music I realized that this was my way. A path that for many is easy but the truth is the musician who prepares day by day, that effort sometimes is not seen. The hours of study and rehearsal so that the music comes out with the highest quality possible are invisible to those who judge us in minutes. My experience has been very long and not so easy. I am a musician because I was born to be and it is a blessing to be able to have that magic. Perfect we are not, madness to millions per hour we detach, tears and laughter spill in every presentation. We save souls, we purify hearts, we break borders, we revive Hope, we spice up joy and we are only human beings who see life different from all, otherwise we would not be Artists. Quick means: slow but without pause ... Nobody stumbles while lying in bed. Without stopping me, what comes next is a lot !!