Cuban music in its greatest splendor! A luxury concert for lovers of traditional and modern Caribbean music. Cha cha cha, bolero, bachata, oriental cumbia, latin jazz .... etc. By the hand of four well-known Cuban musicians inside the professional musical environment of Tokyo.
La musica cubana en su mayor explendor! Un concierto de lujo para los amantes de la musica tradicional y moderna del caribe. Cha cha cha, bolero, bachata, cumbia oriental, latin jazz.... etc. De la mano de cuatro cubanos musicos bien reconocidos dentro del ambiente profesional musical de Tokyo.
Live start 17:00 entrance 3000.
PEDRO Valle- Sax, Flute
Carlos Cespedes-Guitar & Vocal
Ludwig Núñez P-Percussionist
Alexander LP-Guitar & Vocal