Ibero American night in Charlie Rose

Ibero-American night with very traditional rhythms of popular music from different countries. Rumba, Vals, Latin Jazz, cumbia, chachachá, classical instruments. Alexander LP & Rolando SB will bring an amazing flavor with their music mixing the Glamour in this fantastic event.

About Alexander Laborde Padron: singer, guitarist, & composer. Alexander has been active in Japan since of 2004. He debuted at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo midtown, and at multiple summer music festivals. traveled to ashiya and Kobe where his live concerts earned him hundreds of new Latin music fans on the west side of Japan. He had many performances in the high societies of Japan, the imperial family, private concerts for president of Hinomaru Taxi, Sushizanmai, as well as high-level companies in Japan.

And remember: Music constitutes a revelation higher than any philosophy.


From the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba, Alexander LP
& Roland SB will take you with its Latin rhythms to enjoy and feel a night of glamor. A bolero that moves the heart, a rumba that will make you dance, a cha-cha-cha that will make you feel the infinite joy that is lived in the largest of the Caribbean islands. Havana Social Club is the divine wealth of various cultures, Spain and Africa. A unique and exclusive concert in all of Japan.
For reservation: 03-3475-4122

Finally my friends! My new CD (TOKYO INSPIRATION) is on sale in CD baby Store. It has been a long way to go, working hard on each recording until you get what you were looking for. This new CD includes part of my life as a troubadour in Japan, tireless and always looking for the best way to represent my Cuban music with respect. Japan is a unique country that has given me the opportunity to make part of my dream as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, although the road is still long to go, I do not stop at anything or anyone. I begin to understand much more my musical concerns and the creation is at the time of day. I am very grateful for the support of many friends who made my dream possible, I do not forget and they know it. For all of them this phrase is still standing: WITHOUT MUSIC THE WORLD WOULD BE AN ERROR ...... I will continue in the fight, this is just a battle, the war never end😎👆👊......
Finalmente mis amigos! Mi nuevo CD( TOKYO INSPIRATION ) esta a la venta en CD baby Store. Ha sido un largo camino por recorrer, trabajando duro en cada grabacion hasta conseguir lo que buscaba. Este nuevo Cd recoge parte de mi vida como trovador en japon, incansable y siempre buscando la mejor manera de representar con respeto mi musica cubana. Japon es un pais unico que me ha dado la oportunidad de realizar parte de mis sueño como cantautor y guitarrista, aunque todavia el camino es bien largo por recorrer, no me detengo ante nada ni nadie. Comienzo a entender mucho mas mis inquietudes musicales y la creacion esta a la hora del dia. Estoy muy agradecido por el apoyo de muchos amigos que hicieron posible mi sueño, no me olvido y lo saben. Para todos sigue estando en pie esta frase: SIN MUSICA EL MUNDO SERIA UN ERROR...... a seguir en la pelea que esto es solo una batalla, la guerra nunca termina😎👆👊.....
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