Next Sunday we will be at the Marriot Hotel in Nagoya for a great show with the company of Hermes (Hermes Dance Company). It will be an honor to participate in this event. The talent of dance and music will shine in Nagoya my people. All tickets were sold in 30 min. Thank you Hermes for the opportunity.


Tableaux Lounge Daikanyama, this 11th January. Don't miss it, my friends! Special Guest Jorge Diaz from Spain.都内屈指のハイレベルな生演奏を聴きながら、ユニークなカクテルやヴィンテージウイスキー、厳選されたシガーをお楽しみください。厳選した季節感あふれる素材をふんだんに使用し、多彩な料理を提供します。コース料理をはじめ、契約農場や漁港から届く素材を生かした前菜、自社熟成のドライエイジングビーフや、ジビエ、パスタなどアラカルトでもお楽しみいただけます。記憶に残る料理とホスピタリティ溢れるサーヴィスをご提供いたします。
Tableaux Lounge is a unique location in Daikanyama to enjoy great cocktails, vintage whiskeys, and carefully selected cigars while listening to live music. We use a variety of carefully selected seasonal ingredients abundantly and offer a variety of dishes. Our Course menu, A la carte, and all meals are made using materials reached from local farms and fishing ports. We offer you a memorable experience and a great hospitality service.
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